Adopt pets easier with PetAdoption for Android
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Pet Adoption is an Android app being built for the Town of Lady Lake, Florida to assist citizens in adopting animals for local shelters.

Version 1.0 (MVP)

Other Repositories

  • Pet Adoption for iOS:
  • Pet Adoption for WordPress:

Project Lead

John Li - Mobile(slack: johnleeroy)

Khalid Hoffman - API(slack: khalidhoffman)


This project is built with Gradle using the Gradle Wrapper script.

./gradlew assembleDebug

gradlew.bat assembleDebug

Want to contribute?

If you'd like to contribute, come to a meetup, join our slack, or create a pull request.


The MIT License (MIT)

About Code for Orlando

Code for Orlando, a local Code for America brigade, brings the community together to improve Orlando through technology. We are a group of "civic hackers" from various disciplines who are committed to volunteering our talents to make a difference in the local communmity through technology. We unite to improve the way the community, visitors, and local government experience Orlando.