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#Code for Orlando - Pet Adoption Wordpress Plugin

###To Install

  1. Download zip file or clone project repo to WordPress plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate plugin in WP Admin Panel.
  3. Provide a domain address in the Pet Adoption options under the Settings menu ( should work).
  4. Place Shortcode [petadoption] on page, post, etc. to render the plugin.


  • gulp-utils provides easy compilation of javascript, stylus, and pug/jade files.
    • you can can read more about how it works on its github repo
    • gulp --tasks shows a list of all possible tasks, but you'll probably only want to use:
      • gulp build-webpack - bundles and minifies javascript
      • gulp sass - compiles sass to css
      • gulp pug-php - compiles admin/pug/*.pug and public/pug/*.pug files
      • gulp pug-ejs - compiles public/javascript/modules/views/html/*.pug files to .ejs files