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Orlando Walking Tours for iOS Build StatusCode Climate


Orlando Walking Tours is an iOS app that will allow users to create customized walking tours of the various historic locations around the city of Orlando.

Version 1.0 (MVP)

Feature List A list of features we would like finished for version 1.0 can be found [here](MVP Feature List.md).

Data Source The list of historic locations is currently stored here.

Prototype https://invis.io/WN7KGPF6F

Other repositories:

  • Orlando Walking Tours for Android: https://github.com/cforlando/orlando-walking-tours-android

Project Lead:

Keli'i Martin

slack: werureo

email: kelii.d.martin@gmail.com


  • Xcode v8.0
  • Cocoapods v1.1.0

In order to install this version of Cocoapods, enter the following into your Terminal: sudo gem install cocoapods.

Once all that is done, you should navigate to the project directory and run pod install. Make sure you open the .xcworkspace for the project.

Want to contribute?

If you'd like to contribute, check out our Contributing page for more details.


The MIT License (MIT)

About Code for Orlando

Code for Orlando, a local Code for America brigade, brings the community together to improve Orlando through technology. We are a group of "civic hackers" from various disciplines who are committed to volunteering our talents to make a difference in the local community through technology. We unite to improve the way the community, visitors, and local government experience Orlando.