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Road Closures UX Project

Project Lead: Cassie Wilcox @csndra0504

Stakeholders: Scott Walker, Natalie Bednarz - City of Orlando

Road Closures project is a UX project exploring the current user experience of Scott Walker, a city employee as he creates the documents and uploads the information to the public concerning road closures with in the Orlando city limits.

Our goal is to create a solution that will have 2 outcomes:

  1. Make Scott's job easier, not harder.
  2. Output data in an open format to the Data Portal to be used in a map solution available to the public.

This project will begin as a UX project, mapping Scotts journey as he completes his job to understand his process and pain points. Then we will prototype solutions and work with Scott in a co-creation process to ensure the final product is something that meets Scott's needs.

New to the project?

Here are a few things you can do to get oriented if you are interested in contributing to this project:

Meeting Notes

Next Steps

  • Develop Scott Walker User Persona
  • Develop Journey Map of Scott's Process
  • Consider quick win: Image banner to highlight road closure map (improve page views)

Target Roadmap

Team velocity is currently unknown. The dates below are subject to change.

  • Feb: Shadow Scott Walker at City Hall (COMPLETE)
  • March: Journey Map / User Persona
  • April: Solution Ideation / Prototypes Iteration
  • May: Initial User Test(s)

###UX Resources

Open Questions

Answers will be added as they are gathered. :)

  • What geographical region is Scott Walker responsible for?
    • City of Orlando
  • How long does his process currently take? How long will the shadowing session need to last?
  • How many people can attend the shadowing session?
    • Erin Denton, Matt Lavoie, and Cassandra Wilcox attended
  • What information can we / can't we record during the shadowing session? Photos?
    • We were unable to capture video, but Scott allowed us to take a photo of him :)
  • How do 18A Special Events Permits come to Scott Walker? How are they processed?
  • Is any of the "internal" info related to road closures (that is not published publicly) protected/private?
  • Where would the app be hosted? Who will pay for hosting? What security measures are needed?
  • How technically proficient is our target user? Does he have a smart phone?

###Research Needed: